ESG 國際新聞週報 5/20-5/26

May 29,2024
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1.New H&M-Backed Textile Recycling Startup Syre Raises $100 Million
 H&M 支持紡織回收初創公司 Syre  籌資到了 1 億美元

Syre, a textile recycling initiative co-founded by H&M Group and impact-focused investor Vargas, has raised $100 million in a Series A funding round. This investment will facilitate the construction of a blueprint production plant in North Carolina, planned to commence operations later this year. Syre's strategy focuses on enhancing circularity in the textile industry by converting waste polyester into reusable materials. This effort aligns with their broader goal under the "Ambition 2039" strategy to make their new vehicle fleet carbon neutral by 2039. The company plans to scale up to twelve global plants over the next decade, aiming to produce over 3 million metric tons of recycled polyester annually and reduce CO2 emissions by over 15 million metric tons. The funding will also support the establishment of two gigascale recycling plants in Vietnam and Iberia, strategically chosen for their pivotal roles in the textile supply chain.


2.EU Adopts Environmental, Human Rights Sustainability Due Diligence Law

The European Council has confirmed the approval of the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD), finalizing the legislation that imposes mandatory requirements on large companies to mitigate their adverse impacts on human rights and the environment across their value chains. Originally proposed by the European Commission in February 2022, the CSDDD has faced several revisions amid significant political debate, ultimately narrowing its scope to larger enterprises and extending the timeline for its full application. The directive now targets companies with at least 1,000 employees and over €450 million in revenue, reducing the affected entities by approximately two-thirds compared to initial proposals. Key provisions include identifying and addressing issues such as child labor, pollution, and deforestation, aligning business operations with the Paris Agreement's 1.5°C goal, and establishing supervisory authorities to enforce compliance. The phased implementation begins in 2027 for the largest firms, expanding in subsequent years, with the final set of companies included by 2029.

歐洲理事會今天宣布成員國批准企業可持續性盡職調查指令(CSDDD),這標誌著針對大型公司設置強制性義務以解決其對人權和環境的負面影響的立法的最終步驟。 CSDDD最初於2022年2月由歐洲委員會提出,經過多次修訂並在政治辯論中最終縮小了其適用範圍,延長了其完全適用的時間表。 指令現在針對至少有1000名員工和超過4.5億歐元收入的公司,與最初的提案相比,受影響的實體減少了約三分之二。 主要條款包括識別和解決童工、污染和森林砍伐等問題,使業務運作與巴黎協定的1.5°C目標保持一致,並建立監管機構以強制執行合規性。 分階段實施始於2027年對最大公司開始,隨後幾年擴大,到2029年包括最後其他公司。

3.Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: China will complete the world’s largest reduction in carbon intensity in the shortest time in history

On May 23, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin held a regular press briefing. A reporter asked about the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea's issuance of an advisory opinion on climate change at the request of the Commission on Climate Change and International Law of Small Island States. Wang noted that the opinion, released on May 21, reaffirms the central role of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in addressing climate issues. It also highlights that environmental obligations under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea should consider the international rules and standards of the UNFCCC system. Wang emphasized China's active participation in the process, its respect for international rule of law, and its contribution to improving global climate and marine governance. He reiterated China’s commitment as a responsible developing country to addressing climate change and working internationally on climate change mitigation and marine environmental protection.


4.Circular Economy Technology Provider Circtec Raises $163 Million to Build Large-Scale Tire Recycling Plant

Circular economy technology firm Circtec, based in the UK, announced the successful raising of €150 million (USD$163 million) to fund the construction of Europe's largest tire pyrolysis recycling facility in Delfzijl, Netherlands. Since its inception in 2009, Circtec has specialized in pyrolysis technology that transforms end-of-life tires into renewable fuels and circular chemicals. The planned facility aims to process about 5% of Europe's annual 3.6 million tons of end-of-life tires, potentially reducing 3% of the GHG emissions from the Dutch chemical industry. The funding round, led by Novo Holdings and A.P. Moller Holding, includes €75 million in equity investments and €22.5 million in grants from the Dutch government. Circtec's CEO, Allen Timpany, emphasized the investment's role in scaling the company’s sustainable technology globally.

循環經濟技術公司Circtec宣布已成功籌集1.5億歐元(1.63億美元),用於在荷蘭Delfzijl建設歐洲最大的廢輪胎裂解回收設施。自2009年成立以來,Circtec專注於裂解技術,將報廢輪胎轉化為可再生燃料和循環化學品。該設施計劃處理歐洲每年360萬噸報廢輪胎中的約5%,有望減少荷蘭化工行業3%的溫室氣體排放。此次融資由Novo Holdings和A.P. Moller Holding領投,包括7500萬歐元的股權投資和2250萬歐元的荷蘭政府資助。Circtec的首席執行官Allen Timpany強調了這筆投資在全球擴大公司可持續技術方面的作用。

5.UK Proposes Expanding Emissions Trading Scheme to New Sectors, Carbon Removals

The UK Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) Authority today announced a consultation phase to expand its carbon pricing system into new sectors, specifically targeting energy from waste and waste incineration, along with considering the integration of engineered greenhouse gas removal technologies like Direct Air Capture (DAC). Initiated in 2021 to succeed the UK’s involvement in the EU ETS, the UK ETS regulates greenhouse gas emissions by setting caps that decrease over time, encouraging companies to reduce emissions or purchase allowances. Proposed changes include monitoring waste sector emissions from 2026 with mandatory inclusion in the ETS by 2028. Additionally, the consultations will explore incorporating carbon sequestration through new woodland creation into the ETS, supporting the UK's net zero ambitions.


6.Holcim Launches GO4ZERO Plant in Belgium, Aiming for 2 Million Tons of Net Zero Cement Annually by 2029

The groundbreaking ceremony for the GO4ZERO project by Holcim took place in Obourg, Belgium, aiming to establish Europe's premier large-scale net-zero cement production facility. With a hefty investment exceeding EUR 500 million, this facility is designed to produce 2 million tons of carbon-neutral cement annually by 2029. The project benefits from substantial financial backing, including EUR 230 million from the EU's Innovation Fund, derived from the EU Emissions Trading System. The initiative, endorsed by Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and European Commissioner for Climate Action Wopke Hoekstra, is set to revolutionize cement manufacturing by utilizing over 95% alternative fuels and incorporating more than 30% decarbonized raw materials from industrial waste. Expected to cut CO2 emissions by 30% by 2027, the facility will also host Europe's largest array of floating solar panels, showcasing a commitment to renewable energy integration.

Holcim 在比利時 Obourg 舉行的 GO4ZERO 項目開工典禮,旨在建立歐洲首個大規模的零碳水泥生產設施。該設施計劃投資超過 5 億歐元,到 2029 年每年生產 200 萬噸碳中和水泥。該項目得到了包括來自歐盟創新基金的 2.3 億歐元在內的大量財政支持,這些資金來自歐盟排放交易系統。比利時總理亞歷山大·德克羅和歐盟氣候行動專員沃普克·霍克斯特拉支持這一倡議,該計劃將通過使用超過 95%的替代燃料和包含超過 30%的來自工業廢料的脫碳原料來革新水泥製造。預計到 2027 年將二氧化碳排放量減少 30%,該設施還將設有歐洲最大的浮動太陽能板陣列,展示了對可再生能源整合的承諾。