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December 05,2023
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1.UAE Launches $30 Billion Climate Fund

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has unveiled ALTÉRRA, a significant new investment platform, at the COP28 climate conference held in Dubai. This platform is dedicated to spurring private investment in climate solutions, with a specific focus on supporting projects in emerging markets and the Global South. The UAE has committed an impressive $30 billion to initiate ALTÉRRA, aiming to leverage this to mobilize a global total of $250 billion by 2030. Major financial and investment firms like BlackRock, Brookfield, and TPG are partnering in this initiative. ALTÉRRA is divided into two distinct segments: ALTÉRRA ACCELERATION, with a $25 billion fund for large-scale climate investments, and ALTÉRRA TRANSFORMATION, with a $5 billion fund designed to stimulate investments in less developed regions. The platform's strategy involves substantial investments in various climate-focused funds managed by its partners, totaling $6.5 billion. Majid Al Suwaidi, COP28 Director-General, will lead as the CEO of ALTÉRRA, while Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, UAE Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and COP28 President, will chair its Board. This initiative reflects the UAE's commitment to addressing climate change and its effort to facilitate accessible and affordable climate finance.

阿拉伯聯合酋長國(UAE)在迪拜舉行的COP28氣候會議上推出了一個名為ALTÉRRA的重大新投資平台。該平台旨在促進私人對氣候解決方案的投資,特別是支持新興市場和全球南部地區的項目。UAE為ALTÉRRA承諾了300億美元的初期投資,並計劃到2030年動員全球總計2500億美元。主要的金融和投資公司,如BlackRock、Brookfield和TPG,參與了這項計劃。ALTÉRRA分為兩部分:一是擁有250億美元基金的ALTÉRRA ACCELERATION,用於大規模氣候投資;二是擁有50億美元基金的ALTÉRRA TRANSFORMATION,旨在激勵投資於發展較少的地區。該平台計劃對合作夥伴管理的多個氣候聚焦基金進行總計65億美元的投資。ALTÉRRA將由COP28總監Majid Al Suwaidi擔任首席執行官,而UAE工業和先進技術部長兼COP28主席Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber將擔任其董事會主席。這一舉措反映了UAE對於解決氣候變化的承諾,以及其努力促進氣候金融的可獲得性和負擔能力。

2.American Airlines Signs Carbon Removal Agreement with Cleantech Startup Graphyte

Graphyte, a carbon removal startup, has announced a significant milestone with American Airlines as its first customer. American Airlines will purchase 10,000 tons of permanent carbon removal, set to be delivered in early 2025. Graphyte's unique Carbon Casting method involves drying and compressing biomass into dense carbon blocks, which are then securely stored in monitored underground sites. This process is lauded for its high efficiency and low energy consumption, offering a scalable and cost-effective solution for carbon removal. The initial commercial-scale implementation of this technology will occur at Graphyte's facility in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. American Airlines, committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, sees this as a vital step in supplementing its emissions reduction efforts, alongside its investment in various low-carbon technologies.

碳移除新創公司Graphyte今天宣布,美國航空將成為其首個客戶,計劃於2025年初購買10000噸的永久性碳移除。Graphyte利用碳鑄造方法來移除碳,將生物質(如林業和農業運營的殘餘物)乾燥和壓縮成密集的碳塊,並用環保的不透水聚合物屏障保護,儲存在受監控的地下場所。該公司表示,這個過程幾乎保留了生物質中捕獲的所有碳,並且耗能極低,提供了一種低成本且高度可擴展的碳移除方法。這種技術的首次商業規模部署將在阿肯色州Pine Bluff的Graphyte設施進行。美國航空承諾到2050年達到淨零排放,並正在投資於各種技術以減少其碳足跡。該公司指出,雖然其主要重點是減少運營中的排放,但碳信用的使用在解決殘餘排放方面也有一定的作用。

3.FCA Releases Anti-Greenwashing and Sustainable Investment Product Rules


The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has announced the implementation of its new Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR) and investment labeling rules for asset managers. This initiative aims to assist investors in evaluating the sustainability aspects of investment products and to mitigate the risks of greenwashing. The FCA’s introduction of these rules aligns with the growing investor interest in environmentally and socially responsible investments. Sacha Sadan, FCA’s Director of ESG, emphasizes the need for a straightforward regime to protect consumers as sustainable investing gains traction. The SDR includes anti-greenwashing rules for all FCA-authorized firms, ensuring their claims are fair, clear, and non-misleading. Four labels are introduced to clarify the sustainability objectives and approaches of investment products, with specific criteria for their application. The policy also establishes naming and marketing rules to ensure the accurate use of sustainability-related terms. The anti-greenwashing rule will be effective from May 2024, with other components phased in through 2025.

英國金融行為監管局(FCA)今天宣布推出新的可持續性披露要求(SDR)和資產管理者的投資標籤規則。這項舉措旨在幫助投資者評估投資產品的可持續性特性,並減少綠色洗錢的風險。FCA推出這些規則是為了配合投資者對環境和社會責任投資日益增長的興趣。FCA的ESG總監Sacha Sadan強調,隨著可持續投資日益普及,需要一個簡單易懂的制度來保護消費者。SDR包括針對所有FCA授權機構的反綠色洗錢規則,確保它們的聲明公平、清晰且不具誤導性。引入四種標籤,以明確投資產品的可持續性目標和方法,並為其應用設定具體標準。該政策還建立了命名和營銷規則,以確保準確使用與可持續性相關的術語。反綠色洗錢規則將於2024年5月生效,其他組件將分階段實施至2025年。

4.Mizuho Invests in Climate Impact X to Expand Carbon Credit Market in Japan
瑞穗投資新加坡的碳交易所Climate Impact X (CIX)以擴大日本碳權市場

Mizuho, a Tokyo-based banking and financial services company, has invested in Climate Impact X (CIX), a carbon marketplace and exchange based in Singapore. This new partnership aims to expand the international carbon credit market in Asia. Launched in 2021 by DBS, Singapore Exchange, Standard Chartered, and Temasek, CIX offers platforms and products that meet the needs of various buyers and sellers. The platform leverages satellite monitoring, machine learning, and blockchain technology to ensure transparency and quality of carbon credits. Mizuho's investment in CIX underscores its commitment to supporting decarbonization efforts in Japan and globally through financial and non-financial means. This collaboration will enhance CIX’s platforms, offer more services for the Japanese market, and expand its regional presence.

位於東京的銀行和金融服務公司瑞穗今天宣布對位於新加坡的碳交易所Climate Impact X (CIX)進行投資,並啟動與CIX的新合作夥伴關係,旨在擴大亞洲國際碳信用市場。CIX於2021年由DBS、新加坡交易所、渣打銀行和淡馬錫通過合資企業成立,提供不同買賣雙方所需的獨特平台和產品,利用衛星監測、機器學習和區塊鏈技術來提高碳信用的透明度、完整性和質量。瑞穗在聲明中表示,這次合作支持其對碳信用在日本及全球減碳努力中所扮演重要角色的願景。瑞穗金融集團總裁兼CEO木原正宏表示:“瑞穗支持客戶通過財務和非財務手段實現脫碳社會。碳信用是為氣候行動項目提供資金的機制,並支持社會整體脫碳。除了為價值鏈之外的減碳努力做出貢獻外,將實現大氣中碳排放的技術與投資者聯繫起來,加速其在社會中的實施,也變得越來越重要。”根據雙方公司的說法,瑞穗的投資將用於擴建CIX現有平台,加深公司對日本市場的服務,並最終擴大其區域足跡。CIX首席執行官Mikkel Larsen表示:“CIX認為日本是一個日益進步的脫碳解決方案市場,包括碳信用的使用。有瑞穗這樣的強大合作夥伴,將使我們能夠有效地為市場客戶提供服務。

5.Impact Investor responsAbility Launches $500 Million Asia-Focused Climatetech Investment Strategy
M&G 的影響投資部門 responsAbility Investments 投資5億美元,尋求在亞洲的氣候技術策略標的

M&G's impact investing unit responsAbility Investments, in collaboration with Germany’s development bank KfW and the Dutch development bank FMO, has announced a new climate investment strategy to actively contribute to CO2 reduction in Asia. The strategy targets investments in low-emission technologies and aims to mobilize $500 million in capital. This initiative comes amid a pressing need for investment in climate-friendly technologies and infrastructure in Asia, which is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases but also expects a significant increase in energy demand. The strategy will focus on sectors like renewable energy, battery energy storage, electric mobility, energy efficiency, and the circular economy. A "Climate Impact Assessment and Monitoring Framework" is a key component, targeting direct CO2 savings of about 10 million tons over the investments’ lifetime. The strategy utilizes a blended finance structure, combining public funding with private capital, to attract large-scale institutional investment while minimizing risk.

M&G 的影響投資部門 responsAbility Investments 與德國發展銀行 KfW 和荷蘭發展銀行 FMO 宣布啟動新的氣候投資策略,旨在通過針對性投資於低排放技術,積極為亞洲的二氧化碳減排作出貢獻,並尋求動員 5 億美元資金。根據 responsAbility 的說法,這一策略在亞洲迫切需要投資於友好氣候技術和基礎設施的背景下推出,亞洲是最大的溫室氣體排放者,但預計未來幾年能源需求將大幅增長。該氣候投資策略將重點關注亞洲具有高二氧化碳節約潛力的行業,包括可再生能源、電池能源儲存、電動交通、能源效率和循環經濟。策略的關鍵元素之一是“氣候影響評估和監測框架”,它確保高透明度並目標直接二氧化碳節約估計 1000 萬噸,覆蓋投資的整個壽命。該策略將使用混合融資結構,將公共資金與私人資本相結合。混合融資將公共資本和私人資金通過共同的投資結構結合在一起,使投資者能夠投資於某些類型的高風險感知的投資,如新的氣候緩解相關技術。這些工具旨在吸引大規模的機構資本,允許公共金融機構使用少量自有資源作為首次損失,動員大量私人資本以達到大量所需的氣候項目。