Corporate Social Responsibility


Humans can produce 3.5 million metric tons of garbage a day
The world faces issues such as climate change and environmental pollution

Liankuai supports various NPO and NGO to combat plastic pollution.

Discarded plastic trash has multiplied daily and its impact is surpassing plastics global production. Our land and ocean have been tented by this monstrosity. Thus, we have done the best of our effort to support local organizations to do beach clean-ups all around the world.

Beach & Mountain clean-ups

TYC Environmental Technology Co., Ltd has regular beach & mountain clean-up events with the marine life environmental protection education groups, some activities includes beach clean-ups, campus education on marine life and plastic recycling, and marine life protection documentary filming assistance. We are proud that many of our employees attended and continues to attend these events during non-work hours to show their appreciation of the environment, and continue to strive for futre collaborations with all industries. 

Our social responsibility

We don't just say we are an Eco-friendly company. We take it one step further to provide necessary action such as beach cleaning, education recycling seminar, and sponsoring environmental documentary on the subject.

Sponsorship and participation in environmental groups

Moreover, participation in assisting these grassroots organizations.

Mermaids whisper

Liankuai has provided support to this Indie film that discusses ocean pollution through the lenses of folk legend. It is nominated in 2018’s Taiwan’s film festival.


It is an international organization located in serval locations in China. It provides ocean, mountain and various cleanup in China. Liankuai has participated in several events with this grassroots organization.

Love Your Coast Taiwan

It is a beach cleanup organization based in Australia. It has branches based in Taiwan. Liankuai has participated and sponsors their beach cleanup effort.


Taiwanderful was founded by world class surfers who love ocean deeply, their goal is make recycle plastic more interesting, common and practical in daily life. Base on this passion, they established series of service to promote environmental education program, including building a community laboratory, R&D eco products, making trophy for international surfing contest and conduct art workshops for kids, etc. Lian Kuai cooperate with their R&D process, provide technical support and partner with Taiwanderful to promote environmental education program.

We convey a sense of mission to care for the environment through cooperation with international organizations from all walks of life