ISO 14067:2018
Greenhouse Gases- Carbon Footprint of Products


ISO 14067: 2018 is an internationally recognized standard that evaluates the carbon footprint of products and services, and our certification demonstrates our dedication to environmental responsibility. With our product, customers can trust that they are making a sustainable choice and contributing to a greener future. Our team is thrilled to be at the forefront of environmental innovation, and we will continue to prioritize sustainability in all aspects of our business. Choose TYC's ISO14067 certified product and join us in our mission to make a positive impact on the planet.

0.64 Kg CO2 e

0.56 Kg CO2 e

0.484 Kg CO2 e

0.228 Kg CO2 e

International Certifications


According to BS 8001:2017 certification for implementing circular economy business model for the "Recycled Plastic Material Manufacturing System" is Optimizing Grade. All of TYC's products have been certified by the GRS (Global Recycled Standard).

2024 Global Recycled Standard

2024 Global Recycled Standard

2024 Global Recycled Standard

2023 Environmental Management System certification

Circular Economy BS8001:2017

in "optimizing " grade

Material Certifications

2024 Post-Consumer Recycled HDPE Pellets Certificate

2024 Post-Consumer Recycled PP Pellets Certificate

2024 Post-Consumer Recycled PP Pellets Certificate

Post-Consumer Recycled LDPE Pellets Certificate

100% Recycled High-Density Polyethylene Chip

100% Recycled Low-Density Polyethylene Chip

100% Recycled Polypropylene Chip